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Be Our Franchiser

Ox Wall Designer is the leading company in the sector of 3D coatings in the United States With a know-how developed over 17 years of experience and using cutting-edge innovative techniques, we are able to offer quality services and products to the end customer with a high standard of excellence and significant cost savings in bold and high-standard projects.
The increasingly frequent requests for our services and products from numerous areas in the United States, together with the constant exponential growth, have led Ox Wall I Designers to bring to life an ambitious new business project: offering the opportunity to reproduce the results from the Miami home through a chain of franchises across the United States.

Our affiliates, to whom we offer, in addition to technical support, a targeted training course, can become part of the extraordinary world of Ox Wall Designer, thus achieving unthinkable results today with any other type of company, especially in the field of coatings 3D.

Today, Ox Wall I Designer is already operating directly in Florida I Atlanta area GA I Boston area MA I Los Angeles area CA

Ox Wall Designers franchise: who joins our team?

- The businessman looking for new challenges and a winning product.

- The entrepreneur who wants to differentiate his investments by betting on a bigger concept 


   in the United States.

- The manager who wants to do business in his own territory, focusing on a service

    with increasing demand across the United States.

Always supported by the parent company and sharing its brand, the franchisee will be able to count on exclusive and patented design products, highly qualified professional training and concrete support in 360 ° business management with all the information and technical resources.

The first gains are estimated after 3 months of operation.

Ox Wall I Designers Franchise: What do we offer you?

- Exclusive area, to be identified

- 30% of the sale price

- recover the investment from the cost of the franchise in the first 12 months

- Option to work flexible hours

- Possibility to work alone or with few employees

- possibility of installing up to two 3D Walls per day, depending on its structure,

  billing an average ticket of USD 900.00 / day, USD 19,800.00 / month, USD 237,600.00 / year

- Marketing services promoted by the Miami headquarters nationwide,

  thus promoting your area.

- always supplied stock of all materials

- development of new products every 12 months, always being ahead of any


- legal support with our law firm

- free consultancy, in the first year, with our architects and interior designers for the

  development of a customized TV unit and 3D Wall forms.

- Direct technical and commercial advice

- Personalized sales training courses

- Technical support directed to managers / vendors / installers

- License to use the trademark

- Concept conceived by Ox Wall I Designers

- Year-end awards based on results

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